Ceru: Levantine Pop Up in Fitzrovia


There really is no shortage of respectable places to eat in Fitrovia. Grabbing a slice of the action with its Levantine cuisine is, Ceru. Ceru sits in a prime location on the corner of Rathbone Place with a great view to people watch from. This pop up restaurant, with its bright yellow and blue décor is small inside, but the food big and bold in flavour. Continue reading

Pullman: First class travel, first class food

The Pullman_crab

South Devon Crab

When they run smoothly, getting around by train can be a great way to travel. However, the food offerings can leave a lot to be desired. And this is where First Great Western and seafood chef and restaurateur Mitch Tonks have upped the ante, by joining forces to create a new lunch and dining menu for the UK’s only fine dining rail car service, Pullman. Continue reading

Den-Udon, King’s Cross

den_pork belly udon

Pork Belly and Cabbage Udon

Lovers of deeply rich, full-bodied ramen, have a fresher and lighter option in town, with self-proclaimed ‘udon evangelists’, Den in King’s Cross. Den resides in a converted Victorian pub, where minimal, light Japanese inspired styling with communal tables and benches are within. Continue reading

Destination North East Wales for the Wrexham Burger Challenge

Lemon Tree_WBC2

The Lemon Tree

Living in London means there’s no shortage of great places to go to get a good quality burger. From your Dirty, to your Honest, the craze for burgers shows no sign of slowing down and that’s just fine by me – I love a juicy fat burger! So much so, that I recently took a three and a half hour train ride to sample some. Destination? Wrexham. Continue reading

Danepak’s Lower Salt Bacon

Danepak  Bacon Sandwich_lr

Danepak Bacon

By contributor Mathew Lea

Who doesn’t love a bit of bacon? Breakfast, lunch or dinner, I could certainly eat it every day.  Unfortunately the curing process through which bacon is made creates high amounts of salt in the meat.  This, as most people know, can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Continue reading