Zima Bar and Restaurant, Soho

Zima vodkas

Infused Vodkas

Soho isn’t short of bars and good places to eat. Zima is a new addition to the scene with their Russian street food and bar. Zima’s home is a listed townhouse with a speakeasy-style bar downstairs whilst the ground and upper floors offer a more restaurant feel with a cosy terrace at the top. Continue reading

The Imperial, King’s Road

The Imperial Fish

John Dory

Located at the western end of the King’s Road near Fulham sits a bright and bold Victorian building, which is home to The Imperial. The Imperial has a restaurant, bar and garden, serving food with a strong focus on sustainability. The interior is modern and airy with lovely high ceilings on entry and the vibe is friendly, inviting and chilled. Continue reading

Trafalagar Tavern: A lovely historic pub on the banks of the Thames

The Trafalgar Tavern_Salmon
Salmon and Beetroot Salad

London on the a whole has a pretty good transportation network. One mode of transport I hadn’t got round to using was the Thames River Cruise. However, a few weeks ago I got the opportunity to travel on one. Continue reading

Recipe: Turkish-Style Eggs with Wild Garlic Pesto

turkish-style eggs

Turkish-Style Eggs with Wild Garlic Pesto

Psst! I know where you can get free food. You can find it in most woodlands and riverbanks around the UK at this time of year. Can you guess what it is? Wild garlic. Wild garlic belongs to the chive family and has a soft garlicky taste and you can eat both its leaves and flowers. It’s easy to identify and ripe for the picking – go forage for some. Continue reading

A Steak Masterclass with The Meat Elite

The Meat Elite Butcher

The Butcher

When it comes to eating steak I tend to stick to the classic cuts and will often choose a sirloin over anything else, even a prime fillet. However, I was introduced to a delicious cut called the Picanha on a trip to Argentina (well known for their love of steak) and Brazil many years ago. And it’s great to see this South American favourite slowly infiltrating the British market along with a rising trend for other cuts such as Flat Iron, Hanger, Denver and Bone-in Sirloin. Continue reading