Recipe: Steamed Lobster with melted Garlic Butter


I cook fresh food as often I can and I’m lucky to be able to get the majority of my ingredients from some of the fabulous markets nearby. I would usually do a modest shop, cook in bulk and eat whatever it is throughout the week. Every now and then though, I like to indulge in the occasional extravagant treat. My last treat was the above lobster from Herne Hill Market. It was priced at £8 which I thought wasn’t bad for its 2lb weight.

Now it didn’t look like that when I bought it, it was brown and alive. Very alive! I’d not cooked a live lobster before, so after a bit of online research figured that the most humane way to kill it was to put in the freezer for an hour, which supposedly ‘puts it asleep’.  It was no longer ‘very alive’ after it’s li’l sleep, but it did still twitch a bit after a minute or so of cooking. I admit this make me feel a bit squeamish, but not enough to put me off eating it.

Eating lobster can be a messy affair, but there’s something very satisfying about cracking into its claws and picking away at its crevices to reveal the luscious sweet meat. Top that off by dunking it into hot, melted garlic butter and you’ve got yourself a winning combo. Have a go.

Lobster in half
(main photo by Ian Tierney)

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5 thoughts on “Recipe: Steamed Lobster with melted Garlic Butter”

  • I don’t have lobster often. For me, it’s a rare treat.

    I’d always felt bad about the idea of putting something alive into a pan of boiling water. it goes back to when I was 17-18.

    My biology A level teacher once told me that they’d done an experiment with plants to see if they had empathy. They put live lobsters into boiling water and then checked if there were any signals from the plants in the same room. The plants were able to sense the pain of another living thing, apparently.

    So your freezer tip is exactly what I need to get over my phobia!

    Is there nothing you can’t do, Tash?

    Lots of love

    • Really, I wander what reaction the plants gave off as a signal they could empathise? No need to answer that!

      I reckon lobsters do feel pain though, so yeah, it was the best method I could find for it and for me ;).

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