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My nightclubbing days are well and truly over – bars I can cope with, clubs I cannot. But I was recently invited to celebrity haunt, DSTRKT (pronounced district), a nightclub and restaurant in Soho who’ve recently won ‘Best Club 2013’ at The London Club & Bar Awards. So naturally it wasn’t the club I was interested in, but the food!

Located in the basement this stylish Soho establishment is positively bling – from the glistening bottles of wine that greet you on display, to the lavishly dark and boujis dining area. Inside sets out to impress and succeeds, but can the same be said of the food? To put it simply – yes!

DSTRKT champagne cockail DSTRKT Champagne Cocktail

The moody lighting is comforting and sets the scene for what is to be a highly accomplished feast. George Yaneff formerly of The Bazaar, in Beverly Hills, designed the locally sourced, seasonal and organic menu. I share the Taster Menu with my friend, Georgina.

Molecular gastromony is used masterfully and excitingly throughout the majority of the meal. The quality of the produce and cooking is mostly outstanding. There are a couple of not so great samples such as; oyster with passionfruit seeds – no, just no. The bitterness from the seed totally overpowers the oyster stripping away the delicate taste of the sea, and the razor clams are far too salty. But there’s no doubt that this is high-end cooking at its finest.

It’s a treat to try Ostrich for the first time (tastes like lamb) too. And the plump, juicy sweetness of the scallops a complete joy. The sea trout has a beautifully crisp skin and the Burrata wonderfully creamy – very special indeed. The lamb packs flavour with chewy nuggets of lamb pancetta adding a balanced salty, slightly smokey twist.

endive blue cheese sphere Endive with Radishes, Blood Orange and
Dunsyre Blue Cheese Sphere

oyster pomegrante lemon foam
Native Oyster, Passion Fruit Seeds
and Champagne Air

scallops jerusalem artichokes
Seared Scottish Scallops, Baby Artichoke
and Rhubarb purée

sea trout watercress
Wild Sea Trout, Celeriac Purée, Trout Roe and
Dorset Baby Watercress

burrata brocollini pomegrante
Broccolini and Burrata, Pomegranate
and Micro Basil

razorclam samphire
Razor Clams with Samphire and Shallots

ostrich mustard sauce
Ostrich Skewers with Guinness Mustard

Grilled Welch Lamb Cutlets with White Bean Purée
and Lamb Pancetta

The standards remain high right to the end of the meal with two very delicious desserts. We have drinks that are paired for each dish, which is a mixture of bubbles, white wine, red wine and cocktails. We found the red a bit harsh after having the white, so we stuck with white.

chocolate fondant
DSTRKT Chocolate Magma Cake
and Raspberry Sorbet

dessert 2
Pistachio Panna Cotta with Port infused Cherries

Service is professionally delivered with two very contrasting waiters. One more reserved and the other hilariously charming, whose very exuberant character brightens up the dark room. The clientele is a mixed bunch; you have groups of city workers, beautiful ladies with the much older and rich men, and then those out for a special occasion, which is the case with the mother and daughter table sat next us who are there as a birthday treat.


Halfway through dining DJ’s come on who gradually pump out the tunes creating an atmosphere with the obvious intention of gearing you for the club area, which is revealed behind a wall of black curtain. We aren’t up for that though and take our satiated and slightly tipsy selves off to a nearby bar.

The tasting menu starts from £45 per person, with an additional £35 per person for wine and cocktail pairings.

Food I Fancy dined as guests.

9 Rupert Street
London W1D 6DG
Tel: 020 7317 9120

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