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Prima Donna in Brixton’s Market Row, have recently launched a new Afternoon Tea option to their menu. The restaurant serves an interesting fusion of Latin and European cuisine. I’d not eaten there before, but was intrigued by the new offering, so I recently popped over with my local friend, Sammie, to check it out.

Inside it’s welcoming and comfortable with wooden chairs and tables and a shop front that opens up into the arcade for warmer climes.

The Afternoon Tea menu has a decent amount of cakes and biscuits to chose from, with all the cakes handmade by the pâtissier. We opted for: scones served with clotted cream and jam, blackcurrant macarons, sea salt caramel, fruit gateau and chocolate and mocha buttercream cake. They had a choice of 3 sandwich fillings, one of which was salmon and cucumber, but it was disappointing to be told they didn’t have any on the day. So we had a taster of ham and mustard, and vegetables and hummous instead.

Prima Donna - sandwiches

The sandwiches lacked lustre, were meanly filled and hard like they had been slightly toasted or worse, left out to go stale. This was the same for the chocolate and mocha cake, which was probably a result of being left out – again – on the shelf for too long.

Better though was the gateau, sea salt caramel and macarons and scones. The scones were warm, light and very moreish. We were in the mood for coffee, Americana rather than tea, which was very good and worth ordering if you do happen to visit.

Overall, the Afternoon Tea lacked little touches, like not presenting the spread on a tray tower, which instead arrived already plated. I went when it was new on the menu, so hope they have ironed out a few of the things mentioned since then.

The good thing about their Afternoon Tea, though, is that you can pay per quantity of food rather than a set price making it more convenient to tailor it to your budget. For example £8.50 could get you; 2 sandwiches, 2 slices of cake, 1 scone and 1 biscuit or larger menus are available with the largest costing £28 for 5 slices of cake, 3 scones, 2 biscuits and 6 sandwiches.

Afternoon Tea is available from Monday to Thursday 12pm-4pm and Fridays 12pm-7pm.

Food I Fancy dined as a guest.

Prima Donna
25-27 Market Row
London SW9 8LD


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