Restaurant Review: Assado (CLOSED)

Tasting menus really do offer the best way to get a feel of what a restaurant is about, especially a newly opened one. Assado, meaning ‘roast’ is Cyrus Todiwala’s  latest Goan, Portuguese and Indian inspired restaurant – a lot of inspirations going on there.

Located on the quieter part of Waterloo Road, Assado snuggly sits just past the Old Vic. Inside greets you with a bustling kitchen counter and a choice of dining canteen style to the right or left in the classic restaurant style area; both have a welcoming and relaxed feel. My friend and I decide to dine on the left, which has booths lining the far wall in which we to cocoon into.

Assado pulled pork slider
Pulled Pork Assado

I’m there to try a taster of the food and the decision of what to order is placed in the hands of our super friendly waiter – I feel like an expectant child on Christmas day waiting to unravel her presents. What follows is treat after treat of beautifully cooked fusion food: Braised Octopus, Pulled Pork Assado, Galinha Cafreal Zambeziana (coriander chicken), Lamb Xacutti, Goan Prawn Curry with sides of Garlic Rice and Naan, and for dessert a trio of Portuguese Tart, Ice cream and Bebinca.

Assado chicken
Galinha Cafreal Zambeziana

Assado main selection
Lamb Xacutti and Goan Prawn Curry

Assado dessert selection
Portuguese Tart, Ice cream and Bebinca

Of the lot, the stand out dishes are the braised octopus and the vibrant and punchy lamb xacutti. The pulled pork slider would’ve been up there as the meat was succulent and tender, but the flavours needed to be bolder, punchier. Also, as I’m not great with overly eggy desserts I struggled with Goa’s traditional dessert Bebinca, which is a layered pudding. However, the Portuguese tart is good with a light flaky pastry setting it off nicely.

Assado is a nice example of fusion food and the vibe makes it great for a casual dinner date or a quick bite before heading to the local theatres.

Starters are from £4.50, mains £11.25 and desserts £5.95.

Food I Fancy was a guest of Assado.

157 Waterloo Rd
London SE1 8XA
Tel: 020 7870 3747

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