Event: Nibblr at No.20 Restaurant, Sanctum Soho Hotel

A new social dining network called nibblr has hit the food scene and enthuses to be for the real foodies and socialites out there, bringing people together with great company over tasty food. The process is simple, you chose a restaurant from a selection given by nibblr, pay the fee online which ranges between £20 and £35, and it’ll only run if enough people sign up for that restaurant. They wouldn’t want you to dine alone as it kinda defeats the object.

I unfortunately couldn’t attend the nibblr launch party, but signed up for the No.20 restaurant at Sanctum Soho Hotel. I actually think this is better as I get to experience it in its truer sense rather than with only bloggers and press attending. When I arrive most of the guests are already there, busily nattering away in the plush, glamorous setting. The booth that the guests are sat in is a little cramped but everyone politely squashes up to accommodate me.

I’m one of the last to arrive so the other guests are keen to know about me, and so I give them the lowdown. Others around the table are directors of companies, law firm workers, and generally city types. The vibes nice and the conversations flow easily. The last attendee to arrive is the voice of X Factor, Peter Dickson (right of top picture), who also turns out to be part-owner of the Sanctum Soho Hotel. We head over to the vintage style dining area, where we are split across two tables as there isn’t a table big enough for us all, which is a shame.

sanctum soho hotel restaurant - prawn starter
Indonesian king prawns

With a menu devised by head chef Lisa Sutherland, food at No.20 is prominently modern British. I have the Indonesian king prawns to start, which are huge and lightly charred giving a hint of smoky flavour. Mains are beautifully succulent, chargrilled lamb chops, sat on creamy mash with a fragrant jus and watercress – they could do away with the wispy bits of watercress as it didn’t add anything.

sanctum soho hotel restaurant - lamb main
grilled lamb and mash

For dessert I have the apple crumble tart with ice-cream. There seems to be a charred theme in my choices, but not in a good way this time as guttingly my tart is burnt. Not badly, but enough to taint the overall flavour – not even the delightful ice-cream could save it. We finish the night with exclusive drinks on the hotel roof top, which is a lovely touch as it connects the group back together.

sanctum soho hotel restaurant - dessert
apple crumble tart

A three-course meal at No.20, Sanctum Soho Hotel is £30, not including drinks. nibblr is a fun dining experience, and exciting as you never know who you’ll meet. It could do with a bit more variety in its selection of restaurants and offer more dates, but I’m sure this will change as it grows. You can see what they have coming up next here: www.nibbr.co.uk.

Food I Fancy dined as a guest. Many thanks to nibblr.

No.20, Sanctum Soho Hotel
20 Warwick Street
London W1B 5NF
Tel: 020 3478 3400

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