Restaurant Review: Honest Burgers

I’d said in my Brixton Village post that I was going to make it my mission to check out as many of the restaurants in it as poss. And so I suggested to my local friend, Issy, that we catch up over a spot of lunch. I’d asked what she fancied eating as I had no particular preference and before the question had even passed my lips she blurted out Honest Burgers. She’d been loads of times and went into great detail about how amazing their burgers were. So Honest Burgers it was.

Honest Shopfront

We rocked up at 1pm and was told by the waitress that they were implementing a new queuing system whereby you leave your number and they’d call you when they had a table ready with the idea being that instead of having to stand outside and queue, you could ‘potter about’ the rest of the village instead. We asked how long the wait was going to be and was told half an hour. We were a bit sceptical at this and I didn’t really fancy the wait, but my friend was adamant it was an Honest Burger that she wanted, so we did just that, ‘pottered’ about. 40mins later we got the call.

Honest Menu

Issy knew exactly what she wanted to order – their ‘special’ at the time which was a venison and cranberry burger. I liked the fact that the menu wasn’t extensive as I can sometimes take an age deciding. I opted for the ‘Honest Burger’ which consisted of beef, red onion relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce and an extra of venison sausage, both came with triple -cooked chips.

Was the burger any good?
The beef is nicely aged at 35 days which meant that it was packed full of beefy flavour and wasn’t overshadowed by the toppings, which I thought it might do. The bun was delish, it did fall apart in the middle of eating, which was my greedy fault for ordering the extra sausage otherwise it would have held, but that’s no biggie. I have one word for the triple-cooked hand cut chips, ‘awesome’ just what you want in a chip and then some.

The staff were friendly and efficient. We sat outside of the restaurant which was a tad cold, but they kindly provided blankets for us. It did very little to be honest as they were lightweight, but it was a nice touch.

How much was it?
The total bill for us both was £19 and it came in a lovely little vintage tin. We had tap water for drinks and so not charged for that. Overall I thought the price was reasonable given the quality of the food.

Will I be eating there again?
Hell yeah!

Honest Burgers
Unit 12, Brixton Village
London SW9 8PR

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