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The Gut Stuff

Over the last year or so, I’ve been increasingly more conscious about the health of my gut. I’ve taken to drinking diluted apple cider vinegar (with the Mother) in order to help improve it. Now, I have no medical condition that I know of that leads me to take action, but after reading quite bit about the benefits of good gut health, such as better absorption of nutrients, balancing alkaline levels and better health and well-being overall, the more interested I’ve become.

So when I was invited to attend a Supperclub with foods that claim to help the gut, I was keen to go. The Gut Stuff Supperclub is hosted by two Dj’ing twins Alana and Lisa Macfarlane and who better to introduce you to The Gut Stuff than the girls themselves.

The Supperclub very much plays to their musical roots with drinks beforehand to get the party atmosphere in swing. It also helps to work up an appetite for the food to follow. Little titbits of gut health information are peppered throughout a well thought-out menu.

Charcoal & Artichoke Lasagne

Kale & Skirlie Fritters

Scottish Salmon with Kimchi and Nettle Pesto

Dark Chocolate and Heather Honey & Crowdie Cheesecake

Venue: Brixton east 1871

Food is plentiful and tasty, especially a starter of charcoal & artichoke lasagne with bone broth, truffle with seaweed & basil salsa. The main thing I will take away from the evening is that I need to chew my food for longer as helps get the acid and enzymes going which aid digestion. This does not come naturally to me, but I will persist.

Check out The Guts Stuff’s website for the next Supperclub.

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2 thoughts on “The Gut Stuff Supperclub”

  • wow this is an interesting original idea! I drank apple ciden vinegar (undiluted!) when I was breastfeeding as it’s meant to be good for you (fighting infections) and it was disgusting but after a few days I sort of got used to it. Not that I miss it. yet my latest craze is charcoal drinks and Ive been making charchoal latte at home.. very interesting post!

    • Yeah, it took me a while to get used to it too, but don’t think I could go full on undiluted though. Haven’t tried the charcoal thing, but might just give it a try too.

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