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ZeroWater Jug

Working in food and working from home, I get through quite a bit of food and drink than the average household. I’m mindful of this and try to reuse or repurpose where possible. But I can always do better and one of those ways is to reduce my use of bottled water. Tap water in the UK is reportedly safe to drink, but I’m not keen on the taste of it, which is why I buy the bottled stuff. I have used a water filter in the past, but got lazy with replacing the filters and also found the replacement filters of this particular brand expensive, so then slipped back into buying bottled water again.

I have been on the look out to try another brand of water filter, then ZeroWater got in touch to see if I’d like to try theirs, and I was more than happy to.

Assembly is easy, although you have to get used to screwing the cartridge from the bottom and screw up rather than slotting it in from the top. There’s a cool little tap at the back, if you want to change things up and pour your water differently. It has a 5 stage filtration system where most others have 2 stage.

You can measure the quality of the water by using the digital meter stick. It advises that if the reading is 006 or higher, then it’s best to replace the filter to obtain the highest filtration quality.



One thing I don’t like is that the contents of the filter cartridge escapes through holes at the top. See photo. This doesn’t seem to affect its performance, but it’s not attractive to see.

Taste wise, the filtered water is great and makes the tap water more palatable to me. The filters are on the expensive side, but it may just be worth the cost.

ZeroWater is available online and the starter kit currently retails at £59.99.

Food I Fancy was given the product to review. All views my own.

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