Weekend Brunch at Theo’s Simple Italian

Brunch is a funny old term where its use has become more and more popular over the years. I’m all in favour of it especially as my favourite, eggs, tend to feature in a lot of the dishes, whether it be sweet or savoury. Theo Randall – ex Head Chef and business partner of the iconic The River Café and award-winning Theo Randall at InterContinental focuses on Weekend Brunch at his newest venture Theo’s Simple Italian at Hotel Indigo.  Tucked away on a residential street off Earl’s Court, Hotel Indigo is casual and cosy with chic interior, which beautifully sets the scene for casual dining.

Theo’s Simple Italian burrata theo-randall
Theo Randall

I met Randall at a ‘blogger ‘brunch’ where he demonstrated a dish we were to later eat, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli. Randall is often seen on TV cookery shows like Saturday Kitchen so was very comfortable demoing to a bunch of hungry bloggers and very personable too. He shared with us his secret of making a killer pasta recipe. And yes my friends, I share this with you too. You can thank me later:

Pasta Recipe
350g OO flour
25g semolina
6 yolks
2 whole eggs

Mix flour and semolina together. Make a well then add the eggs, mix, and knead until you get a ‘Play-Doh’ consistency.

Theo’s Simple Italian ravioli
Spinach and Ricotta ravioli

Now on to brunch. Typically eaten between breakfast and lunch Randall’s take here is something I would argue more lunch than brunch. There are more heavier and robust dishes than you would normally see on brunch menus. Nonetheless, we worked our way through sharing plates of charcuterie and the creamiest of Burrata to start.

Next up the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli Randall demo’d earlier. This was a deliciously simple and understated dish, which packed loads of flavour in a wonderful sage and butter sauce. It’s the dish I end up liking most. Another favourite, because I love seafood, is Seafood Taglierini. It’s a vibrant dish with flavours of the sea.

Theo’s Simple Italian seafood
Seafood Taglierini

Theo’s Simple Italian weekend brunch
Brunch Continues

Other dishes include Bavette of Beef with Borlotti Beans, which is comforting, Papperdelle with Beef Ragout, which had an unexpected sour note that made the dish lighter and refresher than it looked. Sea Bream with Grilled Vegetables, which had a bit too much vegetables unbalancing the dish and the last of the savouries, a nicely cooked Pork T-bone with Rainbow Chard. Our meal ends with Tiramisu, Ricotta Cheesecake and Soft Chocolate Cake with vanilla gelato. The Tiramisu takes the lead on the sweets, although the others fare well too.

Theo’s Simple Italian dessert
Tiramisu, Ricotta Cheesecake and Soft Chocolate Cake

Brunching at Theo’s Simple Italian is simply lovely. The weekend brunch is £35 per person and includes a glass of Prosecco.

Theo’s Simple Italian
Hotel Indigo London
34–44 Barkston Gardens
London, SW5 0EW
Tel: 020 7370 9130


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