Product Review and Recipe: Nudo Olive Oils and Chargrilled Squid Salad

I was kindly sent a sample each of lemon, garlic and chilli flavoured olive oils from Nudo. Nudo was set up in 2005 by Jason Gibb and Cathy Rogers who had bought and restored an abandoned olive grove in Italy’e Le Marche.

I wasn’t a fan of flavoured oils mainly because I’d tried them a few a years ago and were never quite right. They were either artificial tasting, too overpowering or just generally unpleasant that it kind of put me off. That is until now.

Nudo Olive Oil

What are they like?

Nudo only use ‘100% natural, high quality and locally sourced ingredients and the resulting factor of this means that the oils actually taste of what they say they are. Each flavour is perfectly balanced, vibrant and natural tasting to boot. The lemon works wonders in salads and fish dishes, the garlic with lamb and pasta dishes and the chilli with pizzas and red meats.

As spring is in the air what better way to embrace it and highlight the deliciousness of Nudo olive oils then with this chargrilled squid salad and if you get your fishmonger to prepare the squid for you, then quick and easy too. I used the lemon oil in this simple recipe that worked wonders.

squid ingredients cooking

Marinated Chargrilled Squid

March 12, 2012
: 2
: 25 min
: 5 min
: 30 min
: easy

Marinated lemon scented squid


  • 2 medium sized fresh squid
  • 2 tsbp Nudo lemon olive oil
  • 1 red chilli
  • 1 garlic clove
  • small handful of parsley
  • packet salad of your choice
  • salt and black pepper to taste
  • Step 1 Pre cleaned squid.
  • Step 2 Finely chop garlic, chilli and parsley and mix all the ingredients together then set aside to marinate for 20 mins.
  • Step 3 Place a grilled pan on the stove and whack the heat up to its highest setting (do not add any oil to the pan). When smoking add the marinated squid and cook on the fierce heat for 5 mins. Try not to overcook it or it will go rubbery.
  • Step 4 Drizzle Nudo olive oil over the salad leaves and toss with salt and pepper. Place the squid on top of the salad and serve immediately.

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  • Hi Tash,
    Yum, chargrilled squid is my favourite. I’m coming round!
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    Love, Suzanne
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  • Hi Suzanne,

    Thanks for the comment and you’re right, I don’t have a Kindle. Your book sounds good! My email is: natasha [at] foodifancy [dot] com

    Cheers, Tash

  • Hi, the char-grilled squid looks great. I had never heard of Nudo until now and the oils sounds interesting. Where do you buy these products? I would like to try the garlic olive oil.

  • Hi, you can get them online at:
    East Dulwich Deli 15-17 Lordship Lane, London, SE22 8EW
    t: 020 8693 2525
    Butcher and Grill 39-41 Park Gate Road, Battersea, London,
    SW11 4NP, t: 020 7924 3999
    Sonny’s Food Shop 92 Church Road, Barnes, London, SW13 0DQ
    t: 020 8741 8451
    Elsey & Bent Ltd 3 Rochester Walk, Stoney Street, London, SE1 9AF
    t: 020 7407 1166
    Angelica’s Fine Food 185 Castelnau, London, SW13 9ER
    t: 020 8846 9939
    Romeo Jones 80 Dulwich Village London SE21 7AJ
    t:020 8299 1900

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