Product Review: Yog – Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

By contributor Claire Zakiewicz – a healthy eating enthusiast and keen marathon runner.

Natural plain yogurt with live cultures is an excellent food for sports people – it’s great for digestion, good for the immune system and for whatever other reasons, when I’m doing a lot of training, it’s a snack I often crave. I personally love the sourness and creaminess. It’s one of my favourite foods.

Training in hot weather requires cool down solutions but frozen yogurt often has a lot of added sugar and no live cultures so it’s not much healthier than ice-cream. Most brands lose the natural taste that fresh plain yogurt has especially when they use powdered milk. When simple food is so tasty and healthy it’s a no brainer to take away as many of the processing steps as possible and Yog Probiotic Frozen Yogurt is doing just that. Yog make their frozen yogurts from fresh skimmed milk and have millions of live probiotic cultures, resulting in a super creamy, healthy treat. It’s fat-free and without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives – although it’s worth noting that they do add a little natural sugar.

I tried two of their take-home pots; Passion Fruit and Natural Yog. The Passion Fruit really is a burst of natural tropical flavour with extreme fruitiness. It’s absolutely delicious. Because of the intensity of flavour a small portion is sufficient. The Natural Yog, however, is very moreish and I ate an obscene amount in a short space of time. Yes, it was totally yummy. The balance of tang and creaminess was delicious and, although toppings are available at Yog stores, I think both the pots I tried work well without.

Other flavours that I didn’t try are Pomegranate, Summer Berries and Dark Chocolate. Yog Probiotic Frozen Yogurt is available for £3.99 for a 500ml take-home pot. It can also be bought in cinemas, Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods and Yog stores with a range of toppings.

Many thanks to Yog for the samples.

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