Ainlsey Harriot’s Soup Search Challenge – Vote for Spain!

Ainsley is probably most well known for presenting the very popular show  ‘Ready Steady Cook’. He came across as an excitable, friendly and full of character guy then, and now having met him, I can truly say that he’s just the same in real life. Our meeting came about as myself and four other bloggers were asked to take part in a challenge. Ainsley is looking to launch a new Cup Soup flavour and is giving one of us bloggers a chance of doing just that.

We were randomly given a country and a hamper full of ingredients to come up with something inspired by that Country. We didn’t know what country each other had until the last moment. I got SPAIN! Yeah! And I’m so excited about it, as I love, love, love Spanish food. The other fabulous bloggers got: Belleau Kitchen – Argentina, My Cooking Hut – Japan, Rachel Cotterill – Turkey and TikiChris –Vietnam.

It will go to a vote, and the blogger with the most will get to go and spend a week exploring that country, with the aim of coming back to then develop a new Cup Soup flavour inspired from their travels . How cool is that? So please vote and send me to Spain! Oh, and there’s something in it for you too, by voting you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a trip to Marrakech! So what are you waiting for? Details on how to vote HERE (nb. the app will only work on a computer/laptop – not through iphones etc.).

And here are the recipes that I came up with to tempt you. We were able to use a few store cupboard ingredients and given 30 minutes to cook! After much deliberation I came up with: Tash’s Tapas Trio.


Harriott-Foods-Aug29th-469 (Large)

[gmc_recipe 3166]

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