ActiFry Recipe: Caribbean-Spiced Plantain

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I’ve been eyeing up Tefal’s low-fat fryer, ActiFry, since it first came out back in 2009. But with a retail price of over two hundred pounds I just couldn’t justify shelling out that much for one. There are now several models on the market and I recently got given the latest one to try, the Actifry Smart XL with Bluetooth.

Actifry Smart XL_lr

ActiFry Smart XL with Bluetooth

Plantain is a staple food in my kitchen – love the stuff. It’s great baked or boiled, but fried is my preferred way to eat it, which is not the healthiest. So I was keen to see how it would fair in the ActiFry and the result was a slightly dryer centre than fried, but a crispier outer than baked and just as tasty.

plantain cooking


The ActiFry Smart XL is a big, sleek, bit of kit so you’ll need a decent amount of work surface to accommodate or store. Thankfully I have a moderately sized kitchen, so this wasn’t a problem, but smaller kitchens might struggle. It’s simple to use and the washable parts detach with ease and easy to clean. The main draw of the ActiFry is that it uses very little oil in comparison to shallow and deep-frying, resulting in fewer calories (a good slimming aid). So now I can eat even more plantain from the calories saved – or is that defeating the point?

I’ve since cooked chips in it, which it is famed for doing well (it does) and there are many other recipes I look forward to trying. In the meantime I’ll leave you with a tasty Caribbean-Spiced Plantain recipe, great eaten as a snack or side.

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I was given a Tefal Actifry and paid a fee for this post. All views my own.

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