Organic September Recipe: Chilli Con Carne with Chocolate

September is National Organic Month, which is about making small changes to collectively help the planet. I’m all in favour of that, and like the idea of cooking organically, but have had it stuck in my head that it’s too costly to be realistic about it. But it is feasible if you shop for the odd product here and there – your whole shopping doesn’t have to be organic.

Sainsbury’s are long-time advocates of organic produce and have their own SO Organic range. They recently sent me several organic products to play with: spaghetti, kidney beans, tinned tomatoes, spiced chutney, honey, flaked almonds, walnuts and dark chocolate. As I have a more savoury than sweet tooth, the ingredients were really calling out for a chilli.

sainsburys so organic - Chilli con Carne with Chocolate

Sainsbury’s SO Organic Products

So, with the aid of several items from the range, and with just a couple of days of September left, my contribution to Organic month is a twist on the classic chilli con carne: Chilli con Carne with Chocolate for those chilly days. The addition of chocolate adds a nice glossy sheen to the end product giving a deep, well-rounded flavour. Serves well with rice, jacket potato or tortilla wraps with tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

Chilli con Carne with Chocolate cooking
Chocolate Chilli con Carne in Progress

My small, ongoing effort will be to buy organic tinned tomatoes, as it’s an affordable change to a store cupboard staple. A 400g can of Sainsbury’s SO Organic tinned tomatoes is 75p, which is currently on offer online at 2 for £1.

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