Review: Ohso Probiotic Chocolate

By contributor Claire Zakiewicz – a healthy eating enthusiast and keen marathon runner.

I love fresh, healthy food but I also love chocolate and I’m weak when I get a craving! In fact, I don’t respond well to telling myself that I can’t eat something or do something. I just try to have things around me that are good for me. So, I’m always intrigued by a healthy version of something like a chocolate bar.

Ohso has come up with a range of chocolate bars that have a load of friendly bacteria, which are good for your stomach. They come in tiny 13.5g bars, which might be helpful for portion control unless you’re like me and munch two or three bars in a row. They say on their website that it won’t do your stomach any harm having more than one. Whether it’s still healthy, I don’t know.

My verdict is they taste nice but are not intensely chocolaty at just 53% cocoa solids. Cocoa has a lot of antioxidants so I would have like to have seen a higher percentage. It’s easy for obsessives like me to find bars at 75%. I like that they don’t contain dairy milk although they do, of course, contain a fair amount of sugar. All in all, it’s good to have an alternative to absolute junk when the chocolate craving hits and these bars are more than your average chocolate bar. They also have an orange flavour, which tastes pretty good too.

The 7 day Ohso pack retails at £3.99 and is available online at or from Harvey Nichols Food Halls, Ocado, The Nutri Centre, health food stores and independent retailers nationwide.

Thanks to Ohso for the samples.

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