Zumbura, Clapham Old Town

Zumbura_chaat and pakoras

Some places are worth making that extra effort to seek out and one such place is Zumbura. Set slightly off the beaten track in Clapham’s affluent Old Town, this vibrant restaurant serves Indian food but not as you might know it. Gone are the old clichés associated with Indian dining and gone is the ghee. Instead, a fresh, light and modern décor set the scene, which is reflective of the cuisine. The food is based on home-style traditional cooking from the Purab region of North India. It’s served on small plates, tapas style with the idea to share. However you feel about dining this way, it does offer the opportunity to sample more than say the usual two or three courses, which is all good in my books.

zumbura - dal_lamb and turnip curry_rice1

From top to bottom:
Lamb and Turnip Stew, Daal, Muttar Pulao

zumbura - lamb chopsSikkiwe Lamb Chops

The food here is clean-tasting and lightly spiced, indicative of this region, so if you’re looking for  serious spice and heat, you’ll be disappointed. However, I find this refreshing as they’ve managed not to compromise on flavour. Stand-out dishes are: the Chaat with its vigour, zing and complimenting textures, the Sikkiwe Lamb Chops for its succulence and vibrancy, and the Rose Milk Kulfi for the surprisingly delightful nuggets of Rose petals inside. The only thing that doesn’t bring anything to the table are the side sauces which are far too bland and wishy washy.

zumburaFrom left to right:
Tilapia, Rose Milk Kulfi, Molly Moo Moo and Hari Murghi

zumbura decor


Drinks are worthy of a mention, as they do a good selection of quality cocktails. I have to order the Molly Moo Moo consisting of Stoli Vanilla, Stoli Raspberry, Limoncello and fresh fruit, simply because the name tickles me and it turns out to be a good choice because so does the drink.

Zumbura is stylish, modern, cool and will leave you wanting more – in a good way.

Dishes range from £3-£8.5.

Food I Fancy dined as a guest.

36a Old Town
London, SW4 0LB
Tel: 020 7720 7902

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6 responses to “Zumbura, Clapham Old Town

  1. What strange names these dishes have and I have to say that Clapham old town is as unknown to me than Purab. Thanks for bringing both to my attention.

  2. Yay, I see you’ve busted out all these posts recently :) I would like a Molly Moo Moo with a kulfi on the side right now please…

    – Nina x
    Have You Heard Of It? London bar & restaurant blogger | http://HYHOI.com/

  3. I agree with your thoughts, and I have recently been to Zumbura myself (check out my review on http://www.justanotherfoodie.co.uk) but I would say that they don’t put enough emphasis on selling the heritage of their food. A lot of Indian dishes are spicy, but it would be useful of them to give some back story as to why the Purab region is so unique in terms of spice.

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