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Recipe: Roscoff Pink Onion Soup

Roscoff pink onion soup

Roscoff Pink Onion Soup

It’s not often I get an invite to attend a cocktail party for an onion, and probably wouldn’t have given it a second glance. But this onion was to travel from Brittany to London aboard the Etoile du Roy, a Nelson-age replica ship and the second-largest traditional sailing vessel in France. Not only that, the French Ambassador to the UK, Mr Bernard Emié was going to be in attendance to welcome it. Continue reading

Product Review: Grasshopper Soups

Grasshopper soups

Guest post by Claire Zakiewicz – a healthy eating enthusiast and keen marathon runner.

I love fresh, healthy food but work in an art studio without a kitchen. It’s really cold in winter and at night so instant soups are what I resort to during long stretches of work. I consider them to be a guilty pleasure as they don’t fill me up and they taste like junk. But still, hot instant soups can be very useful in certain situations. Continue reading

Caribbean Mutton Soup

Mutton Soup

Nothing beats a big bowl of hearty, warming soup. In the Caribbean soup is traditionally served on Saturday’s (Saturday Soup). So, as I happen to be in the mood for it today, here’s my version of a Jamaican classic – mutton soup. Continue reading