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Zima Bar and Restaurant, Soho

Zima vodkas

Infused Vodkas

Soho isn’t short of bars and good places to eat. Zima is a new addition to the scene with their Russian street food and bar. Zima’s home is a listed townhouse with a speakeasy-style bar downstairs whilst the ground and upper floors offer a more restaurant feel with a cosy terrace at the top. Continue reading

The Real Greek – Soho

The Real Greek Soho_Prawns

Tonia’s Prawns with Feta 

By contributor Mathew Lea.

The Real Greek is a restaurant chain that has been in operation since 1999, although only recently have they started to expand into the more popular areas of London. Their new restaurant, in Soho, is located on the trendy Berwick Street, just off Oxford Street. Continue reading

Review: Imli Street, Soho

Imli Street - starters
Coastal Mix

Established in 2006, Indian restaurant Imli Street had a revamp and relaunch earlier in the year. I went along recently to the heart of trendy Soho to check out the food and vibe. Continue reading

Clockjack Oven – Rotisserie Chicken

clockjack oven - Rotisserie Chicken
Clockjack Oven

After the burger buzz of last year, chicken has been having its moment on the food scene, and as it lends itself well to a variety of cooking styles it’s easy to see why. Southern Fried was the thing earlier in the year, followed more recently by Korean fried chicken. Trying to get in on the poultry action is Clockjack Oven, with rotisserie chicken. Continue reading

Review: DSTRKT Restaurant

DSTRKT tomato pickled melon
Heritage Tomatoes and Pickled Watermelon Salad,
Baby Fennel, Ouzo Dressing

My nightclubbing days are well and truly over – bars I can cope with, clubs I cannot. But I was recently invited to celebrity haunt, DSTRKT (pronounced district), a nightclub and restaurant in Soho who’ve recently won ‘Best Club 2013’ at The London Club & Bar Awards. So naturally it wasn’t the club I was interested in, but the food! Continue reading