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Italian Restaurant: Amici Miei, Shoreditch

Burrata with Heritage Tomatoes

Shoreditch really isn’t short of decent places to eat and is home to cuisines from all over the world from Vietnamese to Turkish. Amici Miei (translates as ‘My Friend’) adds to the nix with their Italian restaurant located at the Hoxton end of Kingsland Road. I don’t know what the restaurant looked like before, but it’s recently had a refurb – perhaps to keep up with the hipster food venues in the area. Whatever the reason it’s not over-styled, but modern, clean and cosy. Continue reading

Create your own pizza at PizzaBuzz, Shoreditch

pizzabuzz pizza

Mat’s Firezilla Pizza

By contributor Mathew Lea.

PizzaBuzz is a new restaurant in Shoreditch which offers customers the chance to create their own, fully customised wood fired pizza. From reading PizzaBuzz’s website, you might be led into thinking that you actually get to create your own pizza, well, you’d be wrong. PizzaBuzz lets you customise almost every aspect of your pizza, but it is made by staff behind the counter which makes sense for obvious hygiene reasons. Continue reading

Review: Far Rockaway Restaurant and Bar, Shoreditch

far rockaway counter
Far Rockaway’s Food Counter

Sometimes a restaurant reads well on paper/press release, but just doesn’t cut the mustard in reality. Such was the case on a visit to Shoreditch’s newest restaurant and bar opening, Far Rockaway. Named after a neighbourhood in Queens, New York, Far Rockaway promised urban décor featuring art curated by Ben Oakley of Ben Oakley’s Gallery and Kevin Martin of Hoxton Gallery, with a New York food inspired menu. Continue reading