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Review: Far Rockaway Restaurant and Bar, Shoreditch

far rockaway counter
Far Rockaway’s Food Counter

Sometimes a restaurant reads well on paper/press release, but just doesn’t cut the mustard in reality. Such was the case on a visit to Shoreditch’s newest restaurant and bar opening, Far Rockaway. Named after a neighbourhood in Queens, New York, Far Rockaway promised urban décor featuring art curated by Ben Oakley of Ben Oakley’s Gallery and Kevin Martin of Hoxton Gallery, with a New York food inspired menu. Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Bodean’s BBQ, Clapham

Bodeans - Boss Hog platter
Boss Hog Platter

One of the originals in bringing the American BBQ experience to the British food scene was Bodeans. It’s been over here now since 2002 with branches in Clapham, Fulham, Soho and Tower Hill. When it opened I remember hearing really great things about the place, but just never got around to paying them a visit. However, fast-forward 11 years and I finally found myself on their Clapham branch doorstep. Continue reading

Nan’s Jerk Pork Ribs

My nan's jerk ribs

Back in London and I’m missing my nan’s cooking and her too of course. I’d mentioned in my last post that she’d cooked one of my favourites ‘jerk pork ribs’. She always does whenever I’m there and I love her even more for that. Continue reading