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Recipe: Turkish-Style Eggs with Wild Garlic Pesto

Turkish Eggs

Turkish-Style Eggs with Wild Garlic Pesto

Psst! I know where you can get free food. You can find it in most woodlands and riverbanks around the UK at this time of year. Can you guess what it is? Wild garlic. Wild garlic belongs to the chive family and has a soft garlicky taste and you can eat both its leaves and flowers. It’s easy to identify and ripe for the picking – go forage for some. Continue reading

Recipe Review and Giveaway: Lemon Cupcake and Dr.Oetker Products (CLOSED)


You might have noticed that there aren’t any baking recipes of the sweet kind on here. That’s due to the fact that I have more of a savoury tooth than I do sweet. Given the choice of two courses on a menu, I will always order a starter and main, over a main and dessert any day. In saying that though, I do crave the occasional sweet treats. Continue reading

Belly Pork and Cannellini Bean Stew

pork and beans
Belly Pork and Cannellini Beans

Pork is my favourite meat, it’s so versatile and I love it in all its forms; bacon, sausages, hams, chorizos, pâtes the list goes on … The belly pork  in particular is a cut that I never tire of eating, it’s the fat that does it for me as that’s where all the flavour is. Continue reading