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Win a Kitchen Aid Mezzaluna from Red Candy, RRP £28 (CLOSED)

Kitchen Aid Mezzaluna

If you happen to cook with a lot of herbs, then you may already be familiar with a Mezzaluna. Meaning ‘half moon’ in Italian, because of its curved blade, the stylish looking knife is said to make light work of chopping herbs. I’d not used one before, but had always been keen to. So, when Red Candy asked if I’d like to try one of their stock items, it was a no brainer for me to chose the Kitchen Aid Mezzaluna. Continue reading

Product Review and Giveaway: Kitchen Devils Knives (CLOSED)


(Image from Kitchen Devils – I wish that was my kitchen!)

Good kitchen knives are an essential in my kitchen and ‘Global’ is the brand that I usually buy. They can be a little on the expensive side, so my plan is to purchase an item from the range bit by bit until I’ve worked my up to the full set – I fear this may take a while. Continue reading

Brixton People’s Kitchen

Sundays usually consist of boring chores and then chilling if I’m lucky. Last Sunday however, was different in a good way. I’d heard via tweeter @The Brixtonite, Issy, that there was going to be a launch of a new People’s Kitchen based in Brixton. She was volunteering her time and surplus food and once I’d looked into it further, thought it was right up my street and decided to volunteer too. Continue reading