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Den-Udon, King’s Cross (CLOSED)

den_pork belly udon

Pork Belly and Cabbage Udon

Lovers of deeply rich, full-bodied ramen, have a fresher and lighter option in town, with self-proclaimed ‘udon evangelists’, Den in King’s Cross. Den resides in a converted Victorian pub, where minimal, light Japanese inspired styling with communal tables and benches are within. Continue reading

Kanada-ya Ramen Bar

kanada ya_moyashi ramen

Moyashi Ramen

Steamy Windows

It’s 7pm on a Thurdsay and I’m queuing outside one of the latest Japanese ramen restaurants on the scene, Kanada-ya, with Nina from Have You Heard Of It. We peer through steamy windows to see mostly Asian diners – a good sign – packed into a titchy but well designed room. The queue is bearable and a bench to perch your butt on help ease the wait. Fifteen minutes later and we’re in. Continue reading

Shoryu Ramen, Carnaby

Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu Ramen

Shoryu Ganso Tonkotsu

Shoryu recently opened its fourth branch, just off Carnaby Street, within the food and retail complex of Kingly Court. If you don’t mind queuing, then what’s inside might just be worth the wait. Continue reading

Cooking with Kikkoman Soy Sauce and Simon Hulstone

kikkoman soy sauce_ simon hulstone
Kikkoman Soy Sauce and Simon Hulstone

I cook the odd Asian inspired meal from time to time and when I do soy sauce is often a key ingredient. The type I mainly use are the light and dark soy sauce made by Pearl River Bridge – not sure why that particular brand, think I was recommended it yonks ago and just stuck with. Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Buddha-Bar’s Bento

Buddha Bar - prawn tempura
Prawn Tempura

What I like most about Bento is that your meal is contained within a cute compartmentalised box, making it a fun and different way to eat. The name itself translates to ‘picnic’ and Buddha-Bar, in Knightsbridge; known for their Pan-Asian cuisine, has recently added a very decadent ‘Buddha Bento’ to its repertoire. Continue reading