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#Riverfood Event by Coopers Restaurant Consultants

Riverfood_chef at work
Chef getting busy

Would you eat fish from the River Thames? If you’ve ever looked into its murky waters the thought is not a particularly appetising one, especially for a river once declared biologically dead back in 1957, caused by various pollutants. But that was then, and although still murky due to silt and mud, it’s no longer heavily polluted and is abundant with life with – surprisingly – over a hundred different types of fish happily living in it. Continue reading

Easy Recipe: Moroccan Fish Tagine

easy recipe moroccan fish tagineMorroccan Fish Tagine

Yay, Santa came through and now I have a lovely new Canon S95 which I’ve used in this post. Hopefully you’ll notice that there’s a sharper and overall better quality to the pictures – I do love my new toy. Oh, and the last thing regarding an older post is that I did have turkey for Christmas dinner in the end. Had to cook the 6kg beast of a thing mind, but it turned out well and not the least bit dry.

Right, enough of 2011 it’s all about 2012. Continue reading

My local: Brixton Village and a Caribbean Steamed Fish recipe

Brixton Village

There’s been a lot of hype and buzz recently about the changing face of Brixton’s market arcades, with most being about Brixton Village (previously known as Granville Arcade). Jay Rayner from the Observer has written a couple of glowing articles on the new restaurants in it, with the result being an influx of those from all over London coming to check it out. Which is great in some ways for the area and a food obsessive such as myself. Continue reading

Indian Summer Salad: Tuna Nicoise

Tuna salad

I couldn’t have picked a finer day to take the plunge into my first ever blog post. Sun, clear skies and heat…in September! All I really fancy eating on days like these are salads, and was desiring a French inspired tuna salad, so I made one. Continue reading