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Chinese Cricket Club celebrates Chinese New Year

Chinese Cricket Club Prawns

King Prawns Shanghai Style

Chinese New Year celebrations in London tend to centre on China Town, but a little of it danced over to the Chinese Cricket Club restaurant located within the Crowne Plaza, Blackfriars. The restaurant is named in recognition of the Chinese National Cricket team, but other than that there is little visible reference to cricket or its oriental influence. Continue reading

Review: A Game of Two Halves at Ping Pong Dim Sum, Wembley

ping pong dim sum_bowls
Bamboo Steamer Baskets

My love for dim sum is epic! I could eat it every day and never tire – I don’t, but seriously I could. There’s one place that I tend to rave on about more than others and that’s Courtesan Dim Sum, primarily because they serve damn fine dim sum and it helps that it’s a 42-seconds (time changes dependant on craving) walk from where I live. Continue reading

School of Wok Reignites a Burnt-Out Flame

school of wok_wonton
Wonton in the Making

My wok used to hang untouched and unloved on the kitchen rail above the cooker. It wasn’t always that way, when I first bought it that wok came down whenever there was a hint of an Oriental dish to be created. I researched how to season and clean it – I quite frankly loved it. Continue reading

Soy and Mirin Chicken Wings

Soy and Mirin Chicken Wings

Soy and Mirin Chicken Wings

Don’t worry this isn’t Brenda the hen, but chicken wings bought from my local butchers. I love chicken its so versatile, from southern fried to casseroles like coq au vin (one of my favs). I’ve mentioned before that I find cuts on the bone to be the best as they tend to be the most flavoursome. Several years back I experimented a lot with Asian cuisine – it was the time when Thai green curry was the rage. Continue reading