Giveaway: Win a box of goodies from Kallo, RRP £20 (CLOSED)


Kallo Goodies

Last year blog contributor, Claire, reviewed Kallo’s sweet flavoured corn snacks and the overall conclusion was a big thumbs up. This year, I’m delighted to say that Kallo will be offering one Food I Fancy Reader all these goodies listed below, so you can try just how good they are for yourself:

  • Lightly salted rice cakes
  • Organic unsalted rice cakes
  • Organic lightly salted rice cakes
  • Organic sesame seed rice cakes
  • Corn cakes
  • Sea salt & balsamic rice & corn cakes
  • Blueberry & vanilla rice & corn cakes
  • Belgian milk chocolate rice cake thins x2
  • Belgian dark chocolate rice cake thins x2
  • Organic garlic & herb stock cubes
  • Organic tomato & herb stock cubes
  • Organic chicken stock cubes
  • Organic vegetable stock cubes

To be in with a chance to win just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Complete the Rafflecopter form below.
  2. You need to write the answer to the (mandatory) random question on the form as a comment on my blog, then click to confirm you have answered.
  3. You gain extra bonus entries by ‘liking’ the Facebook page and ‘following’ on Twitter etc.
  4. Closing date: Sunday 10th August 2014.
  5. You must be over 18 and live in the UK.

Not used Rafflecopter before? Here is a video clip follow on how to enter.

Good luck!

Many thanks to Kallo for providing the prize.

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If the prize is not claimed within 7 days a replacement winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is run on behalf of Kallo who will be responsible for posting the vouchers.

The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be given.

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274 responses to “Giveaway: Win a box of goodies from Kallo, RRP £20 (CLOSED)

  1. i like to cover it in marmite or philly chese

  2. Jennifer Bailey

    With a hot chilli dip.

  3. I love to eat rice cakes with lots of different things sometimes sweet or sometimes savoury

  4. Melanie McNair

    Cheddar cheese

  5. Salmon, cucumber and cram cheese


    Salmon and cucumber & dill

  7. I’m all about cheese any cheese.

  8. Philadelphia cheese and peppers

  9. I love a thick layer of Marmite.

  10. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    I like to eat rice cakes with feta cheese .

  11. Philadelphia cheese

  12. Cheese

  13. Sea salt & balsamic rice & corn cakes

  14. sharon roberts

    I love mine with cottage cheese, cherry tomatos and fresh basil :)

  15. Susan Williams

    Goat’s cheese and baby plum tomatoes drizzled with home-made pesto.

  16. red pepper hummus :)

  17. I love them on its own and with salmon slices yummi

  18. I like to eat rice cakes plain :)

  19. On their own.

  20. Leah Wheatley

    Cream cheese

  21. cottage cheese!

  22. Deborah Dodge

    Tomato Puree Cheese and jalepenos

  23. Sarah Fawcett

    I love them with my homemade Smoked Salmon Mousse, whizz up smoked salmon trimmings with low fat cream cheese, a dollop of horseradish, some lemon juice and ground black pepper. Very quick, tasty and low calorie!

  24. Cottage cheese and chives

  25. Philadelphia!

  26. Philadelphia cheese with chives

  27. I like them with nut butter, with humus, and just plain.

  28. A big dollop of peanut butter

  29. I like to eat Rice Cakes with cream cheese & ham for savory and cream cheese & strawberries for sweet

  30. mango chutney:D

  31. philadelphia and banana

  32. Janice Mackin

    Cream Cheese

  33. Tania Atfield

    Plain or with Philadelphia

  34. My current favourite topping is sliced avocado and basil – tastes of summer!

  35. frances hopkins

    Cream cheese and smoked salmon

  36. mashed banana and honey

  37. Rachael Lines

    Im boring, and just like them plain – so do my children x

  38. Elaine Savage

    lovely strong Cheddar

  39. Red pepper humous

  40. Chocolate spread!

  41. christine shelley

    Red salmon and cucumber

  42. Cheddar Cheese

  43. Stephanie Tsang

    I like cream cheese and sliced avocado on my rice cakes.

  44. Yummy!!!

  45. Salsa is the healthy option!

  46. Cheese

  47. On their own whilst watching a film! They’re bit noisy though!

  48. Alexa Schoolar

    Philly! x

  49. I love them with cream cheese & a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

  50. Salmon and cucumber, delish :)

  51. with chocolate spread and strawberries or hummous and ham

  52. Nicola Holland

    The sweeter versions like caramel, are delicious as a snack without anything on them :)

  53. cottage cheese and sliced apple

  54. cottage cheese with sliced apple and raisins

  55. melanie betteridge

    cottage cheese

  56. Lorraine Tinsley

    I like to eat them plain on the go

  57. cream cheese!

  58. like the chocolate ones with banana or the savoury ones with chili philly!

  59. silvia zimbone


  60. low fat spread

  61. Pineapple cottage cheese

  62. Spencer Broadley

    Cream cheese, or a mild spice dip

  63. Lisa Everaert

    Plain – Ive always loved the taste since being a child xx

  64. angela sandhu


  65. hope i win

  66. peanut butter

  67. Herbert Appleby

    peanut butter, chocolate spread, humus, taramasalata, cheese and chutney, jam, marmalade, soft cheese and cucumber etc, etc.

  68. camembert



  70. kellyjo walters

    marmite and boiled egg

  71. Cheese. Healthy rice cakes with fattening cheese!

  72. William Gould

    All types of spreadable cheese!

  73. I like philadelphia and marmite on mine

  74. Denzil Nightingale

    Tasty Cream Cheese!

  75. Cream cheese

  76. I like the flavoured ones without anything on, but cream cheese on the plain ones.

  77. I eat them as they are, is that weird :-)

  78. A thick layer of apricot conserve!

  79. Plain, or with nutella on

  80. felicity smith

    philly for me

  81. Cream cheese

  82. I like to put chocolate spread on my rice cakes

  83. Cream cheese

  84. cream cheese & radish

  85. ham and cheese

  86. Marmite

  87. Phildelphia and chopped peppers

  88. I tend to eat them by themselves

  89. got to be a good tasty cheese!

  90. Judith Lightfoot

    Boursin & salmon

  91. chrislikestosell

    Salt & Vinegar

  92. With philly!

  93. Natalie White

    Cream cheese and chives :)

  94. Graham Chealehay

    Soft Cheese

  95. jennifer thorpe

    cheese & marmite

  96. with sour cream

  97. Juliet Kavanagh

    juliet.kavanagh.14 on facebook…

  98. Cream Cheese xxx

  99. I like to eat rice cakes absolutely plain

  100. Whenever I see cheese
    I am frozen in time,
    Add a rice cake and butter,
    Mature, medium I don’t care
    But I get upset if I have to share

  101. Janet Bennett

    Love mine with any kind of spreadable cheese

  102. Charlotte Ingham

    Marmite is amazing with rice cakes

  103. If I am being good its cottage cheese or otherwise Nutella spread.


    Cheese spread topped with thinly sliced cucumber

  105. melted chocolate and strawberries

  106. Jayne Sullivan

    Plain or with Mature Cheddar Cheese

  107. With philly

  108. cracked black pepper cheese

  109. Katie Kingsbury

    If I’m being ‘good’ – low fat cheese spread and cucumber. If I’m being ‘naughty’ – chocolate spread or cheese & chutney.

  110. yummy salsa

  111. i put pineapple on it

  112. Sarah Maclean


  113. I like to eat rice cakes with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

  114. sarah birkett

    I like to eat ricecakes with my friends!!!! I also like them with smoked salmon and soft cheese – but not too often

  115. adeinne tonner

    Cheese and ham

  116. June Etherington

    I love to eat rice cakes with a topping of mashed potato & cinnamon

  117. cream cheese and marmite! yum!

  118. cheese or hummus

  119. Barbara Handley

    A cup of tea!

  120. Cheese & pickle!

  121. I find rice cakes delicious on their own.

  122. Cottage cheese, rocket and chutney for me.

  123. Debbie Davies

    Houmous and tomato.

  124. Cream cheese and smoked salmon is my treat topping.

  125. Hannah Ingham

    I like them on their own!


    Peanut butter and mashed banana

  127. Peanut Butter

  128. Peanut butter mostly

  129. cheese and pineapple

  130. any cheese

  131. janet robertson

    Nothing, I like them by themselves


    I love pineapple or sweet chilli soft cheese.

  133. samantha devine

    peanut butter and banana

  134. Abigail Cullen

    Butter with a slice of cheese

  135. nutella

  136. Sarahann Tonner

    Chilli sauce!

  137. Just on their own :)

  138. Michelle Austin

    Philadelphia Cheese

  139. Nutella.

  140. I always eat rice cakes plain. I believe they would be nice with chocolate spread or cheese but have never tried them with anything.

  141. Cheese

  142. Peppered ham and cheese

  143. Elizabeth Smith

    cream cheese and strawberries

  144. Susie Wilkinson

    Cheese Spread

  145. Holly Chandler

    cream cheese.. nom nom

  146. chilli sauce

  147. Katherine Tew

    With nothing. I’m the odd person who likes them plain :)

  148. On their own, no need to spoil them with other flavours.

  149. Patricia Avery

    Roule cheese :)

  150. on their own

  151. laura jayne bates

    soft cheese and pickled onions

  152. I will try Hummous and tomatoe I usually have on Hovis . But the salmon and Philly sounds good too!

  153. laura jayne bates

    cottage cheese

  154. julie osborne

    Cream cheese :)

  155. faye huntington

    ironically.. chocolate!! faye xx

  156. The kids love them with chocolate spread

  157. Danielle Cresswell

    I like to eat them with tuna mayo or just plain.

  158. soft cheese and cherry tomatoes

  159. A thin slice of buffalo mozzarella, a thick slice of tomato and basil leaves – yum!

  160. Cream cheese and slices of beetroot

  161. Ham and tomato, or salmon with cucumber

  162. Cottage cheese

  163. Sweet Chilli Philadelphia

  164. tracey thompson

    marmite and cheese, yummy

  165. with butter, scrummy!

  166. Kirstin Lydon


  167. Cheryl O'Sullivan

    Cream cheese

  168. Rosalind Blight

    chocolate spread

  169. tuna

  170. Nutella

  171. Peanut butter

  172. dorothy cavender

    with Blue Stilton cheese

  173. peanut butter

  174. Eleanor Wigmore


  175. catherine plant

    cottage cheese

  176. Cream cheese & chives

  177. Sarah Bavington-smith

    Dipped in sweet chilli sauce

  178. Chilli Sauce!

  179. Peanut butter

  180. Samantha Atherton


  181. cheese

  182. Peanut butter, sometimes with houmous x

  183. Rachael Pilkington

    Hummus or cheese

  184. I like to eat them on their own

  185. philadelphia cheese or sometimes just butter, yum

  186. I like them on their own with nothing added.

  187. Really nice with peanut butter!! Honestly!

  188. Christine Caple

    Butter or cheese

  189. Smoked salmon and cream cheese (for a one off treat!) x

  190. Cream Cheese :)

  191. A glass of wine

  192. Marmite :)

  193. Chicken liver pate xxx

  194. Cheese and lettuce

  195. Cottage cheese

  196. Homous is always nice with rice crackers

  197. Cheese!

  198. jen louise jackson

    smoked salmon and cream cheese

  199. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Soft cheese and basil

  200. Marmite and sliced tomatoes from the garden

  201. I eat mine with cottage cheese and cucumber

  202. a strawberry jam

  203. leanne williams

    Cheddar cheese

  204. Cheese spread

  205. Cream Cheese and Cucumbers

  206. Vicki Violet Morris


  207. I like them with cream cheese or chocolate spread as a treat :)

  208. Cream cheese and cherry tomatoes

  209. Nancy Bradford

    Feta cheese and tomato.

  210. I like them with peanut butter.

  211. low fat soft cheese

  212. Cream cheese or cottage cheese :)

  213. Cream cheese

  214. Egg

  215. Katherine Coldicott

    Butter & marmite.

  216. Unsalted butter and honey

  217. Vera Bahounkova

    I like to eat rice cakes with Philadelphia cheese .

  218. butter

  219. Cheese and onion

  220. cream cheese

  221. peanut butter :)

  222. Nutella if I’m being naughty.

  223. I actually never thought of putting something on them. I eat them plain

  224. Peanut butter or cheese and avocado

  225. They are good with peanut butter

  226. Soft cheese

  227. I like putting low fat cream cheese & salmon on mine

  228. Mushroom pate

  229. Hummus – to be fair though, I’ll eat anything with hummus at the moment though I’m obsessed with it! 😉

  230. Hummus or cheese spread

  231. plain

  232. Cream cheese and cucumber

  233. Mostly just on their own.

  234. Chive cream cheese

  235. Cream cheese!

  236. cream cheese, tomato and cucumber

  237. cottage cheese with chives

  238. A nice bit of tuna

  239. Soft cheese with sliced onions

  240. Mr James Holyland

    A cup of tea

  241. I usually eat them on there own :/

    Is that wrong ? 😕

  242. Goats Cheese

  243. Soft cheese :)

  244. I like to eat them with my fingers

  245. Almond butter, chopped up banana and some honey – delicious!

  246. Cheddar and cream cheese :)

  247. maxine m partridge


  248. I like them plain.

  249. raphael patrice


  250. charlotte thornton

    Lots of Cheese!

  251. Houmous and rocket

  252. I love rice cakes with lactose free soft cheese, beautifully fresh ♥

  253. cream cheese

  254. Kel Ellen Hirst

    Nutella is yummy with rice cakes

  255. I eat them on their own – no toppings.

  256. marmite

  257. George Worboys Wright


  258. cheese and pickle, banana, peanut butter, butter and jam

  259. Various types of cheese.

  260. Natalie Crossan


  261. Houmous

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